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We are dynamic, we have to look that way.

I was retained to photograph a group of cutting edge consultants for a new initiative.  I was given the freedom to do something unexpected and engaging, the client was pleased.  I decided to post this today, because I saw many of these portraits posted elsewhere on the internet, and forgot how much I liked this group of photos.  Click image for larger view>>Purdue Foundry

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Big city work for Big Louie and Frank!

My studio may be in the middle of Chicago, Indianapolis, and nowhere; I am equipped to do big city work. Four hundred pound, 12 foot Foba studio stand to get shots like this, and plenty of lighting. I’ve worked with Kate, Big Louie, and Frank for a number of years. This still life is for the 2014 From Frank®0118ff catalog. Kate got a new friend for Frank and Louie named Walter? Kate, anything to do with me?

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Spring is here -tomatoes.

I was asked to photograph inside some greenhouses on the Purdue campus on a cold snowy day recently. This researcher is working on technology to grow better tasting tomatoes commercially, using less energy. She invited me back for taste testing. I just started my own tomato seeds, and actually took away some ideas from this shoot that I may apply to my own garden this summer.

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