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Client emergency…

A long term client pinged my e-mail today while I was in the coffee shop. The ask was for a portrait of Ruth Lilly made in 1996, they sheepishly asked if I could locate it today!  I responded that I knew exactly where the negatives and extra prints were.  Digital copy of the portrait made and sent to the client within an hour.  Another fire is out.

More on this portrait; I arrived at Lilly’s home on a Saturday morning to find she wasn’t sure about having the portrait made.  I got to talk to her a few minutes and she decided to let me make a few photographs beside the roses.  I made only 7 or so images when she said; “I’m sure you have enough.”  She approved the image posted here.

She was a lady of another time, I’m glad to have met her and a few Hoosier other luminaries for this ongoing project.

Ruth Lilly In her home, 1996

This image was made with a Hasselblad 500cm 80mm lens, and Kodak T-Max film.
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