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Covid Slumber

It’s time to wake up again. I’ve been napping, overeating, and then slimming down and learning new skills for the past 2 years: Adobe Premier, color grading, captioning, and most importantly capturing great audio. I’ll post more about that soon, in the meantime enjoy this photograph of the setting sun of the Purdue University Belltower. 

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Aerial Photography for Large Real Estate Transactions

I am frequently called on by clients from, NYC to California, to produce high quality aerial photography for real estate transactions of Indiana parcels. While I am considering purchase of a drone, these images were all made from aircraft, at altitudes or locations not permitted by current FAA drone regulations. DSC07848-20025Rensselaer_IN0072Winamac 7VW_5245

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Seeing what isn’t apparent at first glance. It’s what photographers do, we do more than take pictures, we ‘see’. 0031LSB_47906 0057trafficDSC_7333-2 0067untitled

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Architectural Photography, Mid-Century Modern Home

The owners/builders of this wonderful home have a lifetime of memories within. They are moving onward and commissioned me to document the home. These photographs are part of the multi-faceted undertaking.7VW_6332-2


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Magician or Time Machine?

During a sub-zero week in January, Purdue University asked me to photograph some of the new buildings going up.  Key was, they didn’t want it to look like winter. At least you get blue skies even thought it can be -15F at 2pm.Purdue New Buildings 2014

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