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2023 and the Post-COVID re-boot

I’m ready for new opportunities to help explain science and engineering with my expert-level skills at photography. I’ve had a life-long curiosity for learning about how this miraculous universe works.

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No rest for the needed..

I made this montage from various photographs made for Purdue University, walk-in clients, and other entities. I work quickly before the decisive moment has passed.   

Click the image to see in detail, thanks for dropping by!

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Telling the story of Engineering and Science

Once again 2016 had me visiting dozens of laboratories to create images to help explain the story of science and engineering.


Dr. Amy Brewster, Purdue University

Dr. Jian-Kang Zhu Purdue University

Dr. Jian-Kang Zhu, Purdue University


Dr. Alexander Chubykin

Dr. Alexander Chubykin, Purdue University

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Researchers and career milestones

I photograph frequently for Purdue University.  Recently I visited Dr. Arun Ghosh, in the department of Medicinal Chemistry.  Making portraits that tell the story of a person’s passion and career, is something I’ve loved doing since the 1980’s, when I was a student of the works of Arnold Newman and Yousuf Karsh.Dr. Arun Ghosh

Dr. Arun Ghosh

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Spring is here -tomatoes.

I was asked to photograph inside some greenhouses on the Purdue campus on a cold snowy day recently. This researcher is working on technology to grow better tasting tomatoes commercially, using less energy. She invited me back for taste testing. I just started my own tomato seeds, and actually took away some ideas from this shoot that I may apply to my own garden this summer.

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More Cancer Research

This was my “lead off” assignment for 2012.  Dr. R. Graham Cooks, researcher at Purdue University.

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Cancer Researchers.

0084FleetI am privileged and really enjoy the photographing researchers. Jim Fleet, Ph.D. Dept. of Nutrition Science, Purdue University and Cancer Researcher. Purdue Cancer Center Report

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