Why a Professional?

Reasons to use a seasoned professional photographer-

 #1 We have back-up equipment, and back up plans.

#2 When we need to go to a back-up, you might not even realize that it happened, or ever happened. Seasoned professionals are unflappable!

We DON’T have magic software to “refocus” photos! I get several calls a year from people who didn’t use me, but end up wishing they had.  Knock wood, but see #1 and #2.

I’ve had customers call saying; “my files are lost”, “grandma died”  can you get me the files or send the photo of grandma to the newspaper? Sometimes the “call” and photographs are separated by years! A professional keeps assets and can respond to these requests, sometimes, same day / or same moment, and many times;”no charge”.

Having an air-conditioned studio is a great place to change outfits, and even make photographs! Changing outfits in the back seat of a car, on a side-street in the city, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

We won’t waste you or your family’s time.  We show up on time, know what to do, and can make a group photo at a wedding happen in less than a couple minutes.

Digital technology has made photography easier, being an artist not so much. Take a look at your potential photographer’s work, I don’t do much work that doesn’t please myself first, then my customer.