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Father Kurt

While I was attending graduate school at Purdue University, I was told a couple times, “you photograph Indiana like Vonnegut writes about it.”

Later that year I was commissioned to photograph Kurt Vonnegut’s brother Bernard Vonnegut.  I was touched with Kurt’s mention of his brother in his last novel Timequake.

His brother had recently passed on;  I wondered if he was aware of the photograph I created of Bernard, so I wrote him a note and sent off a couple prints to his agent.

I received this letter just a couple days later.


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Passion for Portraits

I love to make portraits, a photograph that tells a story about someone’s life, passions, or experience, a one frame biography?

These two portraits, both commissioned by Purdue University, tell different stories and did different jobs.

One to document a distinguished career, the other shows the passion and joy for a program. Both satisfied customers.
0099ZeldaDean Depew
Click the thumbnails to see the full picture.

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Wild Rice Harvest, Cass Lake, Minnesota – Ojibwe Nation

While photographing for the American Indiana College fund, I took some time to document the Wild Rice Harvest on Cass Lake in Minnesota. People of the Ojibwe Nation harvest rice from canoes during the month of September.

Rice Harvest, Cass Lake MN

Rice Harvest, Cass Lake MN

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