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Confident Portraits, and the Confident Photographer

I photographed Noam Chomsky and Alex Haley back in 1986 as a photojournalism student. My liberal arts education, along with each assignment building on another, now numbering in the tens of thousands; allow me to work confidently. These experiences instil3UPBLOG confidence and trust with all manner of people and personalities, and it comes through in the image.
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Lafayette Symphony Director – Nick Palmer

These portraits were created a while back for the LSO. I really enjoy classical music, especially from the Russian composers, Sergei Rachmaninoff is my favorite. Specifically: Prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 3/2.



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Spring is here -tomatoes.

I was asked to photograph inside some greenhouses on the Purdue campus on a cold snowy day recently. This researcher is working on technology to grow better tasting tomatoes commercially, using less energy. She invited me back for taste testing. I just started my own tomato seeds, and actually took away some ideas from this shoot that I may apply to my own garden this summer.

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Magician or Time Machine?

During a sub-zero week in January, Purdue University asked me to photograph some of the new buildings going up. ¬†Key was, they didn’t want it to look like winter. At least you get blue skies even thought it can be -15F at 2pm.Purdue New Buildings 2014

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Wild Rice Harvest, Cass Lake, Minnesota – Ojibwe Nation

While photographing for the American Indiana College fund, I took some time to document the Wild Rice Harvest on Cass Lake in Minnesota. People of the Ojibwe Nation harvest rice from canoes during the month of September.

Rice Harvest, Cass Lake MN

Rice Harvest, Cass Lake MN

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