No rest for the needed..

I made this montage from various photographs made for Purdue University, walk-in clients, and other entities. I work quickly before the decisive moment has passed.   

Click the image to see in detail, thanks for dropping by!

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Biomedical and Engineering Research Documentation

I’ve been documenting research and higher education for most of my professional life.

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Client emergency…

A long term client pinged my e-mail today while I was in the coffee shop. The ask was for a portrait of Ruth Lilly made in 1996, they sheepishly asked if I could locate it today!  I responded that I knew exactly where the negatives and extra prints were.  Digital copy of the portrait made and sent to the client within an hour.  Another fire is out.

More on this portrait; I arrived at Lilly’s home on a Saturday morning to find she wasn’t sure about having the portrait made.  I got to talk to her a few minutes and she decided to let me make a few photographs beside the roses.  I made only 7 or so images when she said; “I’m sure you have enough.”  She approved the image posted here.

She was a lady of another time, I’m glad to have met her and a few Hoosier other luminaries for this ongoing project.

Ruth Lilly In her home, 1996

This image was made with a Hasselblad 500cm 80mm lens, and Kodak T-Max film.
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Finding the extraordinary in ordinary

Finding the extraordinary in ordinary situations, it’s what seasoned professional image makers do.

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Slice of Life

Missing the days when I looked for “free art” or feature photos as a newspaper photographer, I saw this youngster getting a haircut along with his father.  I walked passed and thought it was a nice slice of life, returned with my camera and captured it.  I gave the Sony A7ii file some post processing to make it look like some pushed TriX would have looked when I was working for a newspaper in 1986.

(Click image for full view)DSC00002
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Profiles in cancer research

Honored again to make the rounds at Purdue University making portraits of cancer researchers.

Dr. Tiffany Lyle

Dr. Tiffany Lyle

Dr. Herman Sintim

Dr. Herman Sintim

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Portraits for a highly accomplished career

Earlier this year I was honored to receive a call to make photographs for local businessman Mike Gibson, co-owner of Mulhaupt’s Inc., for his appointment to the Door and Security+Safety Professionals Board of Governors.  The portraits were used in the trade publication, and by Mike to celebrate his long and successful career as one of Lafayette’s business leaders.

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson

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Not a lot of pictures, Fine Photography.

It’s senior portrait season, take a look at my work, it’s refined! My 30 years in the field photographing, industry leaders, or your son or daughter shows!  Often, I am not anymore expensive than those with just months of ‘experience.’


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Dog whisperer

I’ve hired and photographed more dog models than actual human models.  Both these pups are therapy dogs, the bulldog puppies were photographed for the breeder.Welks_16-160 Fran_Laf-216frank2lr0184frank

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Fun Family Portrait Sitting

I’ve photographed this group of fine people for more than a decade.  A couple ‘charactors’ have joined the group.  Saturday sitting in the studio and about town.0119Brans0123Brans




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